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welcome to an awesome
COCO!we're rescue forum,
decided to help you with coding,
graphic and roleplay things.
and for the cherry
on the top, you
can promote as many forum
that you've got.


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PostSubject: rules Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:54 am

r u l e s

001.everybody can advertise, no matter how many post you've got or if you are here for two years or three second.

002. You can advertise as many forums that you've got as longest you respect rules.

003. If you will advertise in other topics or though pm you will be punished. Remember that!

004. You can bump four times a month.

005. Yous open new topic and post it finished code.

006. If your site is dead don't forget to tell us.

007. Oh, if we advertise you, you should advertise us. this is two-way advertisment.

008. Your site must not have anyone under the age of 13 used as a playby or in a site graphic. Having a picture of someone under the age of 13 (even if the playby is older than that now) is a form of child exploitation and can get our site shut down.
by ATF

open new topic with your forum name:

[b]FORUM NAME:[/b]
[b]FORUM CATEGORY:[/b] roleplay f./rescue f. /...
OTHERS: optional

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